Family Time 2021 Toy Favorites for babies and toddlers

Holiday toy shopping lists…ugh! What do children really need? They need time, space, interesting objects that do interesting and various things depending on who is playing. Each child needs the freedom to discover, manipulate, experiment, free associate, collect and carry, move their fingers and their bodies. Children need PLAY way more than they need toys! But we do LOVE buying toys! New toys open new worlds for children, and their parents too. So…play on! Have fun!

The toys in this list, as well as Family Time lists from years past, are only ideas that get you thinking of what would excite your child, and you, to grow and learn and discover amazing things about the world, about others and about themselves! This is in no way a comprehensive list but many of the favorites that we buy for the classroom. And always remember that nature always gives us the best “toys” – sticks, leaves, water, and of course, DIRT!

Here is this list year’s list of favorites!

Pete the Cat with his 4 Groovy Buttons

Smartmax magnetic animals

Radio Flyer Ride-in Wagon

Mud Kitchen (so many variations from Amazon to Etsy)

Mud Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Sink with running water

Kidoozie Peep n Peek Eggs

Construction Truck Shape Sorter

Little People Construction Site (anything Little People to match your child’s interests)

The Original Dimpl (or a variation of it)

Hide n See Discovery Ball

Of course, if you can find it and have the space, we do love…

The Pikler Triangle Or, a DIY version!

The Nugget

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