Learning means find the edges!

I want children to grow to their fullest potential! To stretch! To reach for the sky! To discover the impossible is possible! To me, that means find the edges.

come to the edge

The edges are where we grow, where we discover something we never knew before about ourselves or the world. Finding our edges is scary and uncertain. We don’t know if we will be successful or if we will fail. We don’t know if we will look foolish. Or worse, we don’t know if we will get hurt – miscalculating our ability, the danger or the unforeseen consequences.

edge of comfort

It might be even harder for parents who want to guide, lead, teach and assist children who are learning something for the first time. And yet, it is theirs to learn. We can’t walk for them. Though we do hold hands and catch them the first few times, eventually we must let go. The same is true for cognitive, social and emotional learning. We are there – ready to catch them the first few times and ready to comfort them and encourage them back after false starts and disappointments.

learning to walk Branson

So, instead of looking only for your child’s comfort zone, let’s look for their edges. Look for that sweet spot just before the tipping point of frustration or overwhelmed. Know that it’s a bold and wonderful place to explore. Reassure them that it really safe there – they have skills and solutions and they always do have you if they get too far over-their-head.

Live at the edges and have BIG fun!!!!


Just remember – Cuddling & Comfort, Hugging & Rocking, Holding & Loving never stop!!!!

fail again fail better

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