for parents: Hands Up and ride the roller coaster

You might think raising kids is like driving a car and all you need to avoid the crashes and huge insurance claims is to pass the test, follow the rules of the road and make sure everyone is buckled in tight. I believe it’s more like riding a roller coaster! You can white knuckle it or you can throw your hands up in the air and know that this car is on the tracks but it’s going to shake you up some.

11 ways parenting is a roller coaster ride:

1. you aren’t really driving the car even though you’re moving
2. you bought the ticket but you didn’t design the ride
3. One eye open, both eyes open, both eyes closed – it doesn’t matter (thanks to Donna Falcone for this one!)
4. your child might not be bigger enough to ride
5. it’s going to make you scream with joy and terror
6. it doesn’t always feel safe even though thousands have survived it
7. the anticipation on the uphills is killer
8. there are thrills for every personality: vertical drop, twists, speed, inversions, old classics or modern themes
9. there are challenges for every personality: non-negotiable, not-for-me, things you prefer to avoid
10. there could be lots of throwing up
11. it’s best not to fight it and just let go

In the end, some of us love roller coasters and some of us really prefer the soothing rocking of a ferris wheel or the tranquility of a merry-go-round. In any case, you’re in for a fun ride…promise!


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  1. Donna Falcone

    One eye open, both eyes open, both eyes closed – it doesn’t matter!

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