Family Time At-Home

Looking for a little bit of Family Time At-Home? Play, sing and dance with your baby or toddler from wherever you are. Join us for Zoom Music and Story Times, all-in sensory play activities, and find the “wow” experiencing the world through your child’s eyes!!! There is a new world of wonder waiting for you and your child as we go deep into the magic of Family Time play.

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Friendships in early childhood: do’s and don’ts for parents

Children’s friendships are unique. They flourish in the moment yet they change unpredictably. If a child is happy, friendships are spontaneous and easy; if he’s tired or frustrated, his ability to be a friend is seriously handicapped. Learning to be a friend is on-going process of discovery and curiosity.


Trust Us: how and why parents can trust teachers for back-to-school

Teacher, do you see me, do you know me? I'm too little to tell you everything you need to know about me. Heck, I'm too little to know everything I need to know! Young children are looking to parents for help but how? Back-to-school is equally stressful for parents trying to guide, lead, reassure uncertain children into this big unknown - new teachers, new classroom, new peers, new routines, new expectation. HEEEEEEEELP!


Back to school: preschool hello’s, good bye’s, and mommy comes back

Oh, the anguish of leaving a crying, confused, uncertain child in the hands of "stranger", even when that "stranger" is a loving teacher reassuring you that "everything will be ok". It doesn't feel ok! Separation challenges can raise heart-wrenching doubt for parents expecting a fun and happy experience for children to play and learn. Is my child not ready? Is it worth the struggle? Why am I doing this to my child?


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The Family Time program welcomes our youngest children into the B’nai Torah community. Classes are available for babies through two years of age with mommy, daddy, grandparents, or other significant adult.

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