Connecting with Millennial Parents

Here's a quick look at Karen Deerwester's workshop, Connecting with Millennial Parents, now available on DVD for teachers, administrators and educators looking for innovative ways to connect with a new generation of parents and create communities that support children, parents and families in a stressful, high pressure, uncertain world.

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Powerful Fearless Girls

In a world of princesses and pinkalicious, it's time for all children to have strong voices, to know what they need to solve problems, and to feel capable and successful. It's especially time to raise the glass ceiling on preschool gender stereotypes and let girls be girls. Change begins at home as we help every child discover their age-appropriate power and their fullest potential.


The Challenge of the Power Struggle

One thing appears true about power struggles. Power struggles are not about power; they are about feeling POWERLESS! Parents feel like they are losing a battle of wills. Children are asserting power in situations that cannot lead to good outcomes. By definition, a power struggle has a winner and a loser, possibly 2 losers. Never 2 winners.


Tantrums and Fairy Dust: find the magic in big emotions

Magic in tantrums? Are you kidding? Any reasonable person would choose to avoid tantrums, prevent tantrums, stop tantrums as quickly as possible. Emotional meltdowns, whether they are colossal storms or slow-gathering floods, are deeply uncomfortable to a child and to any caring adult in range. T ...


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The Family Time program welcomes our youngest children into the B’nai Torah community. Classes are available for babies through two years of age with mommy, daddy, grandparents, or other significant adult.

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