Family Time At-Home

Looking for a little bit of Family Time At-Home? Play, sing and dance with your baby or toddler from wherever you are. Join us for Zoom Music and Story Times, all-in sensory play activities, and find the “wow” experiencing the world through your child’s eyes!!! There is a new world of wonder waiting for you and your child as we go deep into the magic of Family Time play.

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Calm teaches calm: what to do when your child drives you crazy

Toddlers pout "no" with a hopeful grin to remind you that they are still lovable with their new-found sassiness. Preschoolers cajole their way out of longstanding rules building a resume for future hostage negotiator. Is it normal that toddlers and preschoolers can have so much attitude? Yes, rest assured, it's normal. It's also a developmental necessity that young children experiment with finding their voice and their power.


Tantrums and Fairy Dust: find the magic in big emotions

Magic in tantrums? Are you kidding? Any reasonable person would choose to avoid tantrums, prevent tantrums, stop tantrums as quickly as possible. Emotional meltdowns, whether they are colossal storms or slow-gathering floods, are deeply uncomfortable to a child and to any caring adult in range. T ...


Thanksgiving Dinner: a comedy of manners

Thursday - 4:27pm: Guests are arriving in three minutes. No, not guests, relatives - Mother (who still thinks T ...


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The Family Time program welcomes our youngest children into the B’nai Torah community. Classes are available for babies through two years of age with mommy, daddy, grandparents, or other significant adult.

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