Life with kids is messy. We celebrate all the messes…so you know you are not alone! And you GOT this…

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Episode #86 Starting Camp - Mom Emotions

We talk alot about big emotions for toddlers. Today, the conversation is big emotions for Moms. Even when you and your child are well prepared for starting school or summer camp, there are complex, contradictory and sometimes overwhelming feelings that mark the experience. Taking time to pause and reflect on those powerful emotions is part of every parent's emotional journey. Those feelings are normal and they are right. You got this and you are not alone.

Episode #85 Unplugging - taking breaks from technology

Unplugging from technology, whether it's for a few hours, a day or as part of a summer routine, will change everything! Listen as this experienced parent and educator creates the skills and the routines to help her family unplug. The benefits are enormous - children who know who they are and who they are becoming, children who know each other better, a family who has a deep openness to learning and curiosity, who create meaningfulness based on reflection and connection, and who have the ability to share stories and memories based on "how something felt" not merely "how something looked". This podcast shows us all how to create a life connected to self, to each other and to the world!

Episode #83 Mompreneurs

Listen as two strong, creative, busy, fearless, action-oriented mom entrepreneurs talk about dreams and family. Be inspired by their honesty of honoring themselves, of creating mom-friendly businesses and of being there for their kids and families. They know what they need, personally and professionally. They make choices daily that nurture their families, their businesses and themselves. You will love their honesty and their realism!

Episode #82 Couple Power - parenting after infertility and surrogacy

Today's podcast brings together two strong, resilient and resourceful couples who shared the heartbreak of infertility and the challenges of surrogacy. Through their experiences, they learned about mutual support and the ups-and-downs of uncertainty and dreams deferred. Now, they have lots to share with other parents facing the emotional roller coaster of life-with-kids.

Episode #45 Infertility and the Silent Stories that Come Before Baby

We sit in baby and toddler classes all across the country beaming with joy as if everyone who ever wanted to start a family got their wish without heartache, sadness and unimaginable loss. Those stories don't erased when the baby comes. Today, we honor the painful journey that many parents take to get here, here to family. And we remind everyone with a silent story that they are not alone....especially when sitting in Mommy & Me class, at storytimes or on playgrounds.

Episode #78 Social Media - Perfect Parents

Social media creates unique challenges to everyone today, particularly parents. The value of sharing with others others and connecting to distant friends and family is enormous. But appearances and comparisons and the illusion of perfection begin to change our real-time interactions and how we measure up against those images and ideals. This conversation may help you find your balance and the genuine connections that sustain you in those very "connected" world.

Episode #77 The World of Early Childhood Teachers

The 2nd Annual World of Early Childhood Teachers podcast gives parents the opportunity to hear how teachers experience their commitment to children and families. Teachers bring heart to everything they do and through those extraordinary relationships with children, they create a magical world of learning, loving and growing.

Episode #76 Tantrums and Fairy Dust

Here it is - a conversation on tantrums that will give your peace about tantrums. Tantrums are part of childhood (and adulthood too when things gets overwhelming) and part of the journey to social-emotional skill building. Our goal is to sprinkle the fairy dust on all the emotional messiness so children can feel safe in the emotional storms and parents can bring calm to the crazy-making moments that are part of living with children.

Episode #73 Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is not rare nor should it be a silent shame. We want to break the taboo and let moms know they are not alone and they do not have to go through this struggle alone. Most importantly, they didn't do anything wrong to feel this way and having Postpartum depression does NOT make you a bad mom.

Episode #71 Dad's Perspective on Parenting Styles

Here it is - dads supporting dads! Dads writing their own path to understanding and raising kids! You'll laugh. You might cry a few tender hearted tears. What makes a dad the father he is? Listen to these 4 awesome dads!!!!

Episode #69 The Stress of Choosing a Kindergarten

Choosing Kindergarten and an elementary school can feel overwhelming, like it might define your child and all their future opportunities. Sometimes schools and media present the choice as all-or-nothing or right-and-wrong. Here's a conversation about the stress of too many good choices. How do you choose when every choice works and no choice has it all? Diversity or like-minded community? Academics and sports? Doesn't every child deserve unique, awesome, the best of the best? What if your family doesn't have unlimited funds? Is good-enough okay?

Episode #65 Inner Resources - Finding Everything You Need Within

This podcast is full of hope and optimism with three extraordinary women whose daily practices help them find strength, courage, patience, calm and unconditional love to manage day-to-day life with kids. They speak from experience and as writers and teachers bringing mind, body and spirit together.

At the table with Louise Goldberg, author of Classroom Yoga Breaks and Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs; Meryl Davids Landau, author of Enlightened Parenting and Downward Fog; and Natalie Kline Sager, "modern hippie momma".

Episode #60 Helicopteryness - Overworrying or Too Laid Back?

No one wants to be a helicopter parent but everyone has some degree of helicopteryness (thank you Jenn for the perfect word). Finding the right balance between over-worrying and being too laid back is an on-going process that changes with each child and stage of development. Listen to how these parents navigate being all-in, loving, teaching, supportive parents and give their children the space and time to learn, make mistakes, discover and grow.

Episode #54 Mom Pressure - Mommy & Me Anxiety

We know first days of school cause stress for children, well so do the first days of Mommy & Me and Mom & Baby classes. it's a judgy, pressure world out there so let's be there to create nurturing, supportive, accepting, kind places for moms and babies...every day...everywhere! We are all in this together and everyone is trying to be an awesome mom. Let's let them know they already are!

Episode #12 Talking with Children about Death

Talking to children about death is one of the hardest things a parent will ever need to do. This podcast conversation may help listeners begin to think about their thoughts and feelings - to find the words, to try to understand what you believe, to feel all the feelings. It's not an easy or fun conversation but one that can't be avoided.

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