Connecting with Millennial Parents

Here's a quick look at Karen Deerwester's workshop, Connecting with Millennial Parents, now available on DVD for teachers, administrators and educators looking for innovative ways to connect with a new generation of parents and create communities that support children, parents and families in a stressful, high pressure, uncertain world.

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Teach by example even if you are less than perfect

Should you be perfect? Absolutely not, role models don’t pretend to be something they aren’t. Role models do, however, understand that someone impressionable is watching, listening and learning from their example.


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Life with kids: fear, doubt, guilt, uncertainty but frenzy is optional

Fear - Doubt - Guilt - Uncertainty are all a mixed bag that sabotage everyday parenting interactions.

Fear for imminent danger, like tigers in your bedroom, is "real". In those cases, stewing about the fear is not a good idea. It's flight or fight time - do something or hide in the closet immediately. Fear creates a fight or flight reaction that ignites the reptilian brain, silences the over-talking and over-thinking brain, and heightens adrenaline - all very important when you need to stop a tiger or get out of a burning building quickly but not typically effective when responding to an out-of-control or needy child.


You are smarter than your child…Really!

Remember, it isn't you against your child. It isn't your child driving you crazy "on purpose", though it definitely feels that way. You are on the same side and your child needs you more than ever in the volatile moments. Your child needs the safety and security of a grown-up who's smart and trustworthy.


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The Family Time program welcomes our youngest children into the B’nai Torah community. Classes are available for babies through two years of age with mommy, daddy, grandparents, or other significant adult.

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